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Bella Roasta coffee is produced using carefully selected grades of arabica beans available on the international market. Our coffee is produced using a unique hot-air roasting process.


An upward flow of hot air lifts the green coffee bean simultaneously heating and mixing beans evenly. Fresh air continually flows through the levitated beans and carries away smoke, chaff and dust as the beans are roasting so they are not burned in the roasting chamber as traditional rotary roasters. The flavor is smooth and rich, never a smoky or burnt taste.

Coffee Cup



Bella Espresso was founded in 2001 by James Faurentino. His goal was to create the feel of a genuine Italian coffee house. Influenced by his old world family heritage, he created a lavish space filled with beautiful art, fountains and seating areas.


Bella Art


Bella Espresso is a Italian style coffee house that both visitors form around the world and locals love to enjoy. Bella Espresso offers our own Bella Roasta air roasted espresso, brewed coffees, whole beans, Gourmet desserts, breakfast items, lunch items, pastries and smoothies complimented by it's hand crafted Renaissance interior and courtyard featuring lavish plants and a three tiered old world fountain, and complimentary internet access.

Italian coffee is an art form with many customs and traditions. The espresso is crafted with that in mind at Bella Espresso. Bella Roasta coffee is ground fresh and hand pressed providing a rich flavor and texture.

360 view of our Coffee House!